Vellum Votives


Vellum Votives

These votives are the perfect touch if you are having a Valentine or Heart Themed Wedding, or just as a lovely accent to your wedding festivities. These votives have a variety of uses – give one to each guest as a wedding favor. Or, you can be more creative and group several together on a tiered platform for your centerpiece; accent by placing ivy garland around the base and woven through the tiers. Or….combine both ideas by having your centerpiece double with your favors!

Regardless of what you do, these votives are easy to make and are fully customizeable to fit your wedding decorating scheme!


  • Various sizes of votive candle cups
  • Tea candles (red and white, or whatever colors match your color scheme)
  • Assorted Vellum Papers (White, Lavender, Red or whatever colors match your color scheme)
  • Hole Punch – 1/16″
  • Assorted Rubber Valentine Stamps
  • Gold Embossing Powder
  • Embossing Pad
  • Decorative Scissors
  • X-acto Knife
  • Regular Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • White Glue


  1. Most of this project is done with your own imagination.
  2. Measure around the different votive cups and cut your vellum about 3″ to 31/2″ tall. Make your collar a little larger around than your votive cup, so the glass won’t scorch your vellum.
  3. Do not glue into a circle until you have finished adding all decorations.
  4. Use your decorative scissors to cut lacy tops and bottoms for the collars. Use the tiny hole punch in the scallops of the scissor cuts to create a lace effect.
  5. Try stamping and gold embossing on colored vellum other than white (such as red), then cut out design and glue it to a white vellum collar. Try stamping right onto the white vellum collar, then glueing a different colored vellum heart on the inside behind the stamped area.
  6. Remember: think about your design and how it will look with light coming through. Tea lights are best to use because the flame will be down lower in the votive cup, allowing more of your design to show.
  7. Now you may glue the vellum collar in a circle using white glue or a glue stick. Hold together with paper clips until dry. Once dry, just drop over the correct votive up, light and enjoy.


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