Best time of the year to celebrate a wedding

Choose the best date or month to get married

Best time of the year to celebrate a wedding

When you start planning a marriage, it is important to determine certain things as the budget, style, theme and an estimate of the date. In today’s post we will help you choose the best time of the year to celebrate a wedding by bringing some plus and cons for each season.

Spring wedding

We begin with a wonderful time with the most vibrant colors in nature and fantastic places to celebrate the ceremony. A time where you can play with daylight hours, choose beautiful flowers for decoration and enjoy a pleasant temperature.

But, since everything is not perfect, weather can also be a problem: Not knowing if may rain, be cloudy or totally sunny can be quite unsettling. In addition, it may coincide with other events such as communions, baptisms or Holy Week.

Summer weddingSummer wedding

Do you want a cocktail or themed celebration on the beach? If so, this is the ideal season for your wedding. Ideal to enjoy in outdoors, where everyone is very lively and the party can be extended for a long time.

However, there are some disadvantages such as:
• Many couples choose this time of the year and it is stipulated as high season. As a consequence, prices may be a little bit high.
• If temperatures rise a lot in your city, it may be very uncomfortable to dress very elegant.
• There are summer vacations so, some of your guests may want to enjoy them and go on a trip.

Best time of the year to celebrate a weddingFall wedding

If you are a lover of beautiful sunsets and orange and earth colors, autumn is ideal for you. With an intermediate temperature, where you can get places at a good price and get fantastic photographs of the celebration and Trash the Dress.

Among all times, this is the one that only has a negative point. And, you should consider the place of celebration with the temperature of the day and the dress code of your guests.

Winter weddingWinter wedding

As for the winter season, it is different depending on where you are. While in countries that have the 4 seasons they get to live incredible snowfalls at this time, in the Caribbean it may be only lower temperatures by few degrees.

If you are in Puerto Rico or in another tropical country, it is also considered as high season. Therefore, the cost of lounges and honeymoons may be somewhat high. Although, you can play more with the decoration, clothing and choose a theme like no other.

So what do you think is the best time of the year to celebrate a wedding?