How to write wedding vows

Captivate your guests with an incredible speech

How to write marriage vows

Among the most exciting moments of a wedding, the words of the bride and groom are definitely, the favorites. Which can be as simple as: Yes, I do! Even a great speech that makes everyone present cry. But, writing these words is not easy. In this post we will reveal to you how to write the wedding vows.

Do you both want to recite your vows?

First of all, they should talk as a couple and decide if they want to make the “long” votes. However, this decision must be taken in advance. Both, to write them calmly and to notify the judge / minister / priest who will preside the ceremony.

Boyfriends reciting marriage vowsNotebook and pencil

After making the decision it’s time to write! For this, it is always recommended to have a diary in your bag or write down the following ideas on your phone:
• What do you love about your partner.
• Special or comic moments of your relationship.
• How to start your great story.
• What was the moment when you realized that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with that person?

How to write marriage vowsSpin your story

Now, it’s time to give sense to your speech so that everyone can follow you. Do not become extensive and try to show off with your words.
• Write with your heart
• Impregnate your words with your voice and make it special.
• If doubting, consult with your best courtship friend.
• Review it as many times as necessary.

How-to-write-wedding-voteWhat not to do

There are certain mistakes that some couples usually make with their votes. We recommend to you:
• Do not leave this task to another person: Your guests will notice that there is no love in your words or that you only recite cliches.
• Write early: By leaving it last minute you run the risk of not knowing what to say or talk about things that are not that important.
• Time: You may have many ideas along the way, but not all of them should be in the final speech. Try that the maximum duration is 2 minutes in ecclesiastical ceremonies and 5 if you want to recite it in the celebration.

Do we clarify your doubts about how to write the wedding vows? If so, it’s time to get to work on them.