The ideal color for the groom suit

The groom's dress is just as important as the bride's dream dress. Know what color suit you should choose to impress your guests.

The ideal color for the groom suit

The dress of the bride and groom is a very important element when planning a wedding. However, in this post we will focus on the gentlemen and the ideal color for the groom suit.

Before choosing even the type of suit or the perfect hue, we must be clear about the wedding style: time it will be celebrated, date and theme in terms of decoration.

The classic: Black

Black suits are always a safe bet. They are very elegant and can be combined with different accessories for a unique style.

For an specific occasion, this color is ideal to wear in tuxedo, frac or classic costumes. Of course, remember to combine them with Oxford shoes.

Colors for the groom suitCakes: Sky Blue

For the bride and groom who wish to have their wedding on the day and want to leave the conventional ones, pastel colors are a fantastic option. However, it is essential to wear them with the classic white shirt and accessories that do not attract much attention. An example, in black or navy blue tones.

Light shades: White or Beige

Will they make the marriage link to the seashore or in the garden? Then these warm colors are the ones indicated. In addition, they will add a fresh touch to the outfit and can be combined with original accessories and more casual footwear.

Total elegance: Navy blue

Another shade of blue that breaks the schemes is navy blue. Ideal for both very elegant weddings that are held at night with a very formal dress code and for a more casual outdoors.

Groom suits weddingSobriety with style: Gray

The suits in gray tones are a safe bet for all occasions due to their neutrality. However, they can be given a formal touch with elegant black accessories or a more original one with a burgundy bow tie. The best? It can be used in any wedding style and at all times of the year.

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