Nature Related


Welcome to Today’s Weddings Nature-Related Favors List! Browse through the list of Nature-Related wedding favors to get ideas, and when you decide on your favor, stop back and add yours to the list!

Pine Tree Seedlings 
Submitted by: Michele Evans
Description: It is a pine tree seedling or a seed packet with pine tree seeds in it. Perfect for a Christmas themed wedding. In a few years the tree could be used as a Christmas tree and we will be able to track the progress of the trees as we visit friends and family!!

Plant a tree with chocolate leaves
Description: In the Jewish tradition it is customary to plant trees in honor of a person or special occasion. We decided to plant 83 trees (one per guest). We will give them a certificate (printed on handmade paper) telling them we planted the trees. The certificate will be placed in an orgundy bag along with chocolate leaves wrapped in foil.

Submitted by: Susan Travis
Description: Our favors consist of 2 small fossils in a small decorated basket. Jon is from Kentucky and I am from Maryland, so each basket will contain one Maryland fossil and one Kentucky fossil. We may throw a few candies in there, as well.

The baskets are little craft baskets (about 1″ x 1 1/2″) decorated with ribbon roses where the handle meets the basket body and a small ribbon bow in our wedding colors.

Spice & Herbal Packet
Submitted by: Christine
Description: The packet will be in a vellum pouch listing the herbs and spices inside with a description of their meanings to love & marriage and our thanks for sharing our special day. To include: whole nutmeg (a solid household should always have a whole nutmeg), oregano, basil, rosemary, whole star of anise etc.

Hawaiian fresh flower lei
Submitted by: Karen
Description: We are giving out fresh flower lei’s to each of our guest at our destination wedding in Maui. Very appropriate we think! They will also make our photos look nicer, plus the aroma will be nice to enjoy too.

Tree Seedlings
Submitted by: Erin Campbell
Description: Tree seedlings wrapped in mylar paper and tied with curling ribbon. The trees are given in small presentation boxes. We both love the outdoors so we thought it would be a good reflection of us.