Welcome to Today’s Weddings Edible Favors List! Browse through the list of edible wedding favors to get ideas, and when you decide on your favor, stop back and add yours to the list!

Candy Spoons 
Submitted by: Heidi
Description: We are making our own favors. We are on a limited budget so we decided to take 2 hershey kisses and but them on a plastic spoon. Then I made little tags on the computer to attach to them and the verse reads:
” We thank you for coming with a spoonful of kisses
to bless our beginning as Mr and Mrs.
Our Names
Our Date
We thought it was rather cute and inexpensive 🙂

Personalized Candy Bars 
Submitted by: Jen
Description: We are doing candybars with personalized wrappers. I made the wrappers myself on Print Shop. His mom works at Nestles and she gets candybars for a box of 24 for $5. So over all our favors should be tasteful and usually something everyone can enjoy along with something that is very cost efficient. Overall I think the favors shouldn’t cost me over $20 for 100!

Kisses/Place Card Combo 
Submitted by: Jennifer
Description: We bought 2″ clear boxes. We are going to fill them with hershey kisses and tie the box with black ribbon. Their place card will be attached.

Chocolate Lollipops 
Submitted by: Jennifer
Description: Chocolate lollipops in the shape of wedding cakes, bells and hearts, tied with the ribbon of the same color as the brides maids dresses with our names and the wedding date written in gold on the ribbon.

Cake Baskets 
Submitted by: Silanthi
Description: Its a little basket which is shaped as an inverted lady’s hat! Looks pretty english and old style..and I have ribbons and cute flowers in it.. at the bottom of the basket I have some white tulle lace attached and inside the lace you will find some fruit cake with icing on it

Teddy Bear Hugs & Candy Kisses 
Submitted by: Beth
Description: I took flat 2″ wooden hearts and spray painted them the color of my wedding (burgundy). I then glued our ribbons to the back making a loop at the top and crossing the ribbon on the back. (It can be hung like an ornament.) On the front I glued a small teddy bear(brown plastic bear)facing a chocolate kiss. I made about 110 of them for under $70.00. All materials came from a craft supply store.

Ring Pops
Submitted by: Brandy
Description: They are suckers shaped like rings and wrapped in pretty iridescent paper and tied with a bow.

Star Shaped Cookies
Submitted by: (Name Not Given)
Description: My favor is going to be a star shaped sugar cookie with white frosting on it. Then I will add blue and red sprinkles on top of the frosted sugar cookie. I am having an Independence themed wedding.

Sunflower Shaped Chocolates 
Submitted by: Danielle
Description: Sunflower shapped white chocolate with a yellow coloring and milk chocolate center. The chocolates and tags were handmade by friends of mine and place in a plastic bag.

Jordan Almonds and Chocolates 
Submitted by: Julie
Description: We didn’t want to go to a lot of expense for our favours, and wanted something that wouldn’t simply be left behind. So we make up favours with 5 Jordan almonds wrapped in tulle edged with a bluey/green ribbon (colour of bridesmaids). We also made up some favours with chocolate liqueurs wrapped in the same tulle, and then alternated the two favours around the tables. They looked great – the pastel colours of the almonds, the colours of the foil were wrapped in showed through the tulle, giving some colour to the table, and there were none left behind at the end of the night.

Maple Syrup 
Submitted by: Heidi
Description: Small 1 oz heart shaped bottles with maple syrup that my parents make inside. There was a small tag tied on that had our names and the date of our marriage.

Chocolate Candy Molds
Submitted by: Jennifer
Description: I used a heart shaped candy mold box and some small wedding candy molds in the shape of glasses, bride and groom and fans etc. to put in the box after it was molded. I got the molds and the candys in the bulk food section at my local grocery store.

Sunflower Shaped Chocolate on a Stick
Submitted by: Danielle
Description: Friends of mine have a business on the side and they will be making them. They will be yellow colored white chocolate with a milk chocolate center. They will be on a stick wrapped with green florist tape. The chocolate will be in pastic with a little bow and a tag that says:

Thank You
Michael and Danielle

Fortune Cookies
Submitted by: Lori
Description: We have personalized fortune cookies and wrapped them in colored tissue and put them in chinese take-out boxes wrapped with satin ribbon.