Misc. Favors


Welcome to Today’s Weddings Miscellaneous Favors List! Browse through the list of Miscellaneous wedding favors to get ideas, and when you decide on your favor, stop back and add yours to the list!

Heart Soaps 
Submitted by: Heather Kimmey
Description: We are making mini heart soaps, wrapping them in our colored tulle and tying it up with a ribbon. Attached to the ribbon will be the guest’s placecards. 

Donation Scrolls and Ribbons 
Submitted by: Heather
Description: Our favors are scrolls rolled at each place setting that match the wedding colors. They have the words “In lieu of favors a donation has been made to. . .(the charity of your choice) in memory of. . .” Ours are for a cancer foundation in memory of everyone we lost to the disease. Then we also have ribbons (pink for breast cancer) that people can wear around. They are spread out on the table to decorate. With the scrolls at each place setting and the ribbons on the table it is a very inexpensive table decoration.

Handmade Fall Leaf Magnet 
Submitted by: Amy Maple
Description: I handmade a salt-clay dough & cut w/ oak & maple leaf cookie cutters. Baked until hardened, handpainted in fall colors, varnished,and glued magnet on. Wrapped in cream tulle cirlce & tied w/ ribbon. Hand-calligraphied a card w/ our names & wed. date and autumn poem “autumn winds begin to blow, colored leaves fall fast & slow; twirling, whirling, all around-till, at last, they touch the ground”. Very unique and EASY to do! Our wedding is “Autumn Themed”. Total cost is less than 30 cents each! 

Lottery Tickets 
Submitted by: Anne Marie
Description: Quick Pick Lottery tickets (only 1.00 each) or scratch-offs, which ever you prefer. Place them in small envelopes, rubber stamp the envelopes and seal with either an envelope seal or a ribbon and place at each place setting.

Lot’s of Little Things 
Submitted by: Jeannine Gambino
Description: I wanted to give a lot of different little things and didn’t know how to do it and keep within our budget. I liked the idea of a little box of mints with our name and date and the personalized post-it notes, and I also liked the white-chocolate dipped fortune cookies. I wasn’t sure how I was going to incorporate all these items on the table and make it look nice.

I did some research on the internet and found a perfect mess bag with ties on each end and I am adding a little peach rose (our flowers are cream and peach roses) to it. It looks really nice. For the kids attending the wedding, I am replacing the mints with the bride and groom bubblegum.

Submitted by: Colleen O’Connell
Description: I have just recently bought a computer and I have decided to make a CD for a favor. I have made the cover of the CD with a picture of my fiance and I. All the songs I have picked out are going to be at the wedding like our first dance, the father/daughter dance and so on. I have decided to do this because it is cheaper than candy or anything else it will only cost maybe 2 dollars a CD.

All 4 Elements 
Submitted by: Jessica 
Description: My fiance and I decided that our theme would be the 4 elements. We are having a very informal garden wedding in July, so our favors will represent water, fire, earth, and wind. 

The water will be bubbles (.40 each)
The fire will be matchbooks and sparklers (.35 each)
The earth will be potted pansies and alyssum (1.50 each)
The wind will be homemade pinwheels (.20 each)

All of these have great options for colors to make them your own. We will wrap the sparklers with matchbooks in ribbon. Since ours is a garden party/picnic, we will put our favors in galvinized tubs ($10 each and reusable!) and use them for decoration at picnic tables with the guest book.

My only caution is to keep the sparklers away from unsupervised children or adults who cannot handle their liquor 😉

Personalized golf balls w/tees 
Submitted by: Michele Parr
Description: We have personalized golf balls (with our names and wedding date in purple) that sit on tees (of course are personalized also with our names and wedding date) either purple or silver that are pressed into heart shaped fragrant purple soap.

Pewter Frame Favors 
Submitted by: Ricca Stewart
Description: Pewter picture frame with personalized thank you on the inside.

Monogrammed Golf Tees and Ballmarkers 
Submitted by: Paula 
Description: We are both golf enthusiasts and could not afford pricey monogrammed golf balls for our guests so we opted for the less expensive, but sticking to the golf theme of our wedding. We have our date and names inscribed. The supplier did them in individual poly bags containing 1 ball marker and 5 tees.

Tree Ornaments 
Submitted by: Heather 
Description: Since we got married during the Holiday season, we chose to use glass heart shaped tree ornaments. We decorated them with hunter green and burgundy ribbons and we also had our name/date ribbon on it. We placed them in small gold bags with gold grass and candy canes. They were a huge hit.

Paper Fan 
Submitted by: Beth
Description: We purchased 144 paper fans for about $10.00 and tied a silver ribbon on each and passed them out to guests for an outside August wedding. “Very thoughtful” was the response.

Miniature Brooms 
Submitted by: Celeste
Description: Since we jumped the broom, we decided to have mini brooms decorated in lavendar ribbon (our color), with our names and wedding date imprinted on the ribbon.

Submitted by: Anita
Description: Round, brass tipped chinese chopsticks. They will be in a red napkin folded to create a pocket, then napkin and chopsticks will be wrapped/tied with a gold thread. I might attach a tag with something corny on it like “eating with chopsticks can be fun, take these home to remember us when the feasting is done!” and our names and date.

Silver picture frames 
Submitted by: Heide Carden
Description: My parents bought silver picture frames in Ecuodor. They are handmade, sculpted frames. We will also use them to assign guests to a table.

Star Ornament 
Submitted by: Jamaine Cripe
Description: Ivory porcelain stars with gold lettering of the words “Love”, “Wish”, “Dream” and “Believe”. We used them as napkin rings (tied with satin ribbon) and people can use them as ornaments at Christmas.

Poem card 
Submitted by: Rebekah
Description: My college advisor is writing a poem which he will read at the wedding. Our favor will be this poem on a small laminated card.

2000 Champagne flute for toast 
Submitted by: Rebecca Lewis
Description: My favor for my 2000 wedding is a glass champagne flute to be used during the toast. The glass’ stem is the number 2000. Not only is it useful and a memory of my wedding, it can also be a memory from this new millenium. I was not going to have favors but when I saw these glasses and they were on sale ($2.50 each for glass!), I just had to do it.

ASPCA Donation
Submitted by: Laura
Description: Recently in the town we live in, there has been a disaster with losing animals at the animal shelter. The ASPCA is attempting to correct the situation, but they need money. So, since we love animals, we will be donating money to the ASPCA in the name of the wedding guests. We will print up cards that state in lieu of favors we have donated the money. The cards will have pictures of our dogs on them.

Champagne Flutes
Submitted by: Sharon
Description: Since the caterer only provides plastic tableware (as nice as that is…lol), I wanted my guests to drink a toast out of a real glass. So, I thought I would get Champagne flutes personalized. They will be printed with our names “Sharon and Kirk” and our wedding date “May 27, 2000” and a picture of a shamrock (we are having an Irish wedding).

Charitable Donation 
Submitted by: Susan McDonald
Description: We made a donation to the Mark Sandman Music Education Fund in Cambridge, MA. Mark was the lead singer of the Boston band Morphine. He died while performing in Italy last summer. Mark was a friend of my husband’s, and we thought this was a much more appropriate use of the money that would have been spent on favors that people end up throwing away anyhow.

I made small tent cards for each table describing the charity, and topped them with a burgundy ribbon. The guests all loved the idea, and we were happy to know our money went to a worthy cause.