Tips to achieve the best Trash the Dress

trash the dress

The TTD is a photo shoot that takes place after the wedding. It is a fantastic and unique trend to get great memories with your partner. Therefore, in this post we will give you some tips to achieve the best Trash the Dress with your husband.

The photographer

For this type of photo session it is essential to hire an experienced photographer. In this way, you can achieve a fantastic result and high quality that you can present to everyone.

Some companies make a discount for hiring various photo and video services. We recommend you to ask about the deals that some agencies or a private photographer may offer you.

trash the dress pictureUnique place

There are a thousand of places where this post wedding session can take place. From your favorite beach, an emblematic place in your country, a colonial-style house or in the same outdoor place where the wedding took place.

To choose the ideal site, we recommend you find inspiration in applications such as Pinterest or wedding photographers profiles on Instagram. Although, you can also recreate unique ideas.

Additional tip: If you want the same concept, you can continue with inspiration from your themed wedding.


Many people opt for a photo shoot underwater or launch different paintings to achieve an artistic effect. However, we recommend choosing a concept that identifies both of you as a couple, overflows creativity and makes your wedding dress look fantastic.

The suits

To get the best photos in a trash the dress, some couples decide to “destroy” their wedding gowns in this session. But, if your concept has nothing to do with it and you just want to achieve wonderful photos, feel free to do so.

wedding photoMore than love

This session is ideal for taking pics that were not taken during the wedding celebration. Either for a short time or because they decided to take it easy.

The important thing in this type of session is that all the love you have for each other overflows in all your photos. So, add lots of hugs, kisses, complicit glances and holding hands.

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