How to choose bridesmaids

Tips for choosing bridesmaids

bride and bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are a group of friends or family who accompany you before and during your wedding day. Therefore, they will help you choose the ideal wedding shoe style for your dress.

Another of the responsibilities of this group is to help you in the planning. You can delegate certain activities so keep in mind, choosing them lightly is not an option.

You have no idea how to choose this group? In this post we will show you invaluable advice on how to choose the bridesmaids.

Define a number

Depending on the number of guests and how the wedding will be celebrated, you must choose how many bridesmaids you want to be with you. Although, it is recommended that they be between a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 ladies.

Love and friendship

It is very important that you have a close relationship with each of those you want to make up this group. Not only because you have known them for a lifetime means they have to be part of your big day.

Choose those people who have supported you in the good and bad, with which you know you can count on every moment, and very important, with whom you have discussions in the least. Remember that they will relieve your work, it is not necessary to add more stress.

bridesmaids team


Once you have a notion of whom your bridesmaids might be, make the following entries for each of the candidates:

  • Their skills and how they could help you in planning your wedding.
  • If they could have a budget to be part of this group. Remember that in addition to helping you, they should have a specific dress.
  • The time they have available.
  • Their sentimental situation, if you have recently gone through a loss of a relative or have cut a relationship, you will surely not have the courage to fill this position.

In this way you can reduce the number and take a look at the future of how the group can function.


Once you have a “definitive” list, it is time to check with each of the chosen ones. In this way, you can confirm if they can really take this responsibility or if you have to choose another one from the list.

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