Foreign Wedding Ring Inscriptions


Foreign Wedding Ring Inscriptions


  • A Vila Mon Coeur Gardi Li Mo (Here Is My Heart, Guard It Well)
  • Autre Ne Veux (I Think Of None Other)
  • Deax Corps Ung Cuer (Two Bodies, One Heart)
  • Mon Coeur Est á Vous (My Heart is Yours)
  • Mon Cur Avez (You Have My Heart)
  • Pour Vous Seule (For You Alone)
  • Reins Sans Amor (Love is All in All)
  • Vous Et Nul Autre (You And No Other)


  • Ab Imo Pectore (From The Bottom Of My Heart)
  • Ad Finem Esto Fidelis (Be Faithful To The End)
  • Amor Vincit Om (Love Conquers All Things)
  • Amorem Meum Tibi Semper Dabo (I Will Keep Giving You My Love Always)
  • Con Todo Me Amore (With All My Love)
  • Dodi Li V’Ani Lo (I Am My Beloved’s And My Beloved Is Mine)
  • Pari Passu (Side By Side/Equals Together)
  • Semper Amemus (May We Love Forever)
  • Semper Didelis (Always Faithful)
  • Te Amo (I Love You)