Wedding gifts for guests

Presents for your wedding guests


Among the latest trends to celebrate a marriage bond, are the presents for friends and family. So, in this post we show you 10 wedding gifts ideas for your guests, with which they can brighten up the party and take as memories to their home.

Unparalleled photographs

Original-wedding-photographsIt is not necessary to hire the best photographer in the world or make a celebration in style to obtain wonderful wedding videos and photographs during the ceremony and reception. Because, if you ‘equip’ your guests with certain wedding gifts, they will be able to do the magic that will add life in every moment.

1. Bags with papers or containers with soapy water to make bubbles. Keep them in the seats of the guests in the church or place where the ceremony will be held.
2. Signs or blackboards on the tables of the celebration to brighten up the photographs and innovate with unique phrases from your family and friends.
3. Minimal size flares and lighters or matches. Ideal for the first dance or for group photographs.

Brightening up the reception

There are other details just as memorable that in addition to cheering the party, can be carried as memories of that memorable day.

4. Change footwear for your guests to enjoy dancing until dawn. For example: beach sandals for a wedding on the seashore.
5. If you choose the summer season and the outdoors to celebrate your bond, a nice present is to give men a hat to protect the sun and a personalized fan for women without heat.

Survival Kit (# 6)

A gift that has become a trend in wedding celebrations, baptisms, etc., is the survival kit. That is nothing more than a box or bag with implements that will help them easily recover from the movement or hangover they may have the next day.

Presents you will not forget

Presents-for-wedding-guestsIf you are looking for other ideas to surprise your guests, then you can choose to give them some of these ideas. Of course, personalized with your initials and the date of the ceremony.

7. Small bottles of some special alcoholic beverage.
8. Soaps with essences.
9. Candies in boxes for the little ones.
10. Cactus or plants of minimum size to decorate your home.