Anniversary Dance Selections


The Anniversary Dance has been a growing trend in the past few years as an alternative to the Flower Toss and Garter traditions.

The concept is quite simple; all married couples are called up to the dance floor by the wedding host or DJ, or some other pre-determined person.  Music is played (usually a song or two chosen by the bridal couple), and then while the couples are dancing, the announcer will say, “Everyone married less than (x number of years) please leave the dance floor.” with the number gradually increasing until one couple, other than the new Mr. and Mrs. is left on the dance floor.  At this point, this couple is given the garter and bouquet (usually the throw-away bouquet) and a few words of advise are spoken by the couple to the bride and groom.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to listen to these selections, you will need to download Real Player.


Could I Have This Dance? Anne Murray
Your Song Garth Brooks
You Needed Me Anne Murray