Sweet Heart Basket


Sweet Heart Basket

This beautiful basket can be used for the flower girl as she is throwing flower petals down the aisle. Or you can make several baskets, fill them with favors, then use the baskets for centerpieces for each guests tables, perhaps sprinkling rose petals around the base.

This craft is courtesy of Floral Home and is used by permission. They retain all rights; copyrights to all contents, directions, and images are the property of Floral Home.


  • 1 White Heart Shaped Basket, 5″ Diameter
  • 1 White Heart Doily, 5″
  • 4 Feet of Pink Sheer Ribbon, 1-1/2″ Width
  • 1 Lavender- Blue Hydrangea Bloom
  • 90 to 100 Pink or Red Rose Boutons (dried rose buds)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Floral Wire
  • Hot Glue


  1. Place the heart doily inside the heart basket to line the bottom.
  2. If possible, weave ribbon all around the basket, just below the rim. If it can’t be woven into the basket, glue it in place. With the remaining ribbon, make a small four loop bow. Then wrap floral wire around the bow’s middle and glue it to the rim of the basket near the handle.
  3. Break the hydrangea apart and glue small clusters of it all around the rim of the basket. Cover the rim almost completely and allow some of the blooms to drape over the edge.
  4. Glue the rose boutons (dried rose buds) all around the rim in clusters. Face the roses out in all directions.


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