Bride’s shoe styles

bridal shoes 2019


When choosing the outfit for your wedding, you should not only be aware of the silhouette of the wedding dress you choose. The accessories, the bridal shoes and the type of bouquet you decide to wear, play an equally important role in your big day.

So you can make the most successful choice, in today’s post we will reveal the most worn wedding shoe styles. So, you can perfectly complement the dress of your bridal link.


Some brides decide to opt for a classic wedding style. Therefore, they choose to wear the princess cut dress, a pair of pearl earrings and a lace veil.

For this style, the ideal is to continue with the theme and add interlaced sandals or heels in white or nude tone. The best thing is that, these are basic options that can be reused on special occasions or to complement a day-to-day outfit.

On trend

Are you one of the women who are always aware of the latest fashion trends? If so, then you can choose between these footwear options, made by important and favorite designers among bridal shoes.

  • The crystal stilettos and red sole designed by Christian Louboutin.
  • The blue Hangisi of Manolo Blahnik. Famous for being part of Mr. Big’s hand request to Carrie Bradshaw in the second installment of Sex and the City.

Without a doubt, shoes that will add an extra touch of elegance and glamour to any wedding dress. In addition, they are ideal for candlelit themed weddings.

tenis-wedding-shoesSport style

If you want a relaxed-style wedding, with comfortable shoes with a special detail, then you can opt for converse-style tennis.

Today, many boyfriends decide to wear this style. However, they tend to customize them to give originality and unique style to their outfits.

Second option

On the other hand, many brides decide to wear the same pair of heels throughout the evening. However, this results in feet pains and suffering from discomfort while walking. Notonlyduringtheparty, butforseveraldays.

An excellent option to avoid this inconvenience, is to choose a second comfortable pair of shoes that matches your outfit. Anexample: tennis, platforms, loworwedgesandals.

What is your favorite option of bridal shoes?