Wedding Gown Fabrics


Wedding Gown Fabrics

There are so many bridal fabrics available these days, who can keep track of them? So we have put together a list of popular bridal fabrics as well as a description of each. Hopefully this list can clear up some of the mystery!

Bridal Satin 

This is a heavier-weight, shiny fabric that easily resists wrinkles, which makes this one of the most popular choices of bridal fabrics!

Italian Satin

Another very popular bridal fabric, Italian Satin is a heavier-weight shiny fabric.

Silk Shantung (Doupion)

This light-weight fabric is rolled from double cocoons nested together, and has a slight slubby texture. This natural fabric can be bleached white, but you will find it mostly in natural, light cream or ivory colors. Some lower quality Silk Shantungs can wrinkle, so make sure you get a higher quality fabric.

Silk Satin 

This thicker fabric is expensive, but one of great quality. It is very durable, resists stains and isn’t prone to wrinkling.


This fabric is a jacquard weave with an embossed effect and contrasting surfaces. It is a medium to heavy weight bridal fabric, usually with a floral effect.


This medium-weight fabric is also called Crepe Backed Satin. This is a reversible fabric that has a beautiful shine on one side with crepe on the other side.


This is a soft-ribbed fabric with wider ribs than seen in grosgrain ribbon. It is a light-weight fabric with a slightly glossy sheen.


This is a fuzzy-like fabric. It is a very luxurious, soft and elegant fabric popular for winter weddings.


This sheer fabric is often used for overlays on wedding dresses, and sometimes used for veilings.


This is a sheer crepe that is heavier than chiffon and with a durable surface.


This sheer fabric is similiar to chiffon but not as soft and flowing.

Sparkle Organza 

Sparkle organza is a beautiful, sheer fabric with sparkle threads woven into the organza.


This material, which is good for full gowns, has a crisp feel to it. It comes in a shiny or matte finish.