Shopping Do’s and Don’ts


Shopping Do’s and Don’ts

Not sure how to go about shopping for a wedding gown? Let this helpful guide give you a head-start on wedding gown shopping!


– Start shopping for your wedding gown early, at least six to nine months before your big day. It normally takes a bridal salon six months or more to order and receive your gown, and that doesn’t include any alterations that might be needed.

– Tell the salon your wedding date. This will help them know when is the latest that you absolutely need your dress. Many brides will tell the salons a date 2 months earlier than their actual wedding date, to avoid any last minutes problems that may arise (i.e. the maker of your dress is behind, etc.).

– Take only one or two people with you that you absolutely trust, and make sure they can be objective. If you bring too many people with you, there will be too many opinions on the dress, and it can confuse you.

– Bring pictures of gowns that you like with you when searching for a gown. If you get the picture from a magazine, make sure you note the magazine name, page number and designer; this will help the salesperson when trying to choose a dress.

– Give your salesperson all the necessary information about your wedding, such as the date, any themes, the time of day your having the wedding, style of wedding (formal, semi-formal, casual) and location of ceremony and reception sites. These factors can dictate what type of dress you will need.

– Tell the salesperson your price range. Be honest; don’t waste your time or your salespersons time by trying on dresses that you know you can’t afford.

– Wear suitable undergarments. Many salons will provide some or all of the undergarments you need, such as bras and shoes, but try to wear similar items that you might wear with the gown you choose, such as the heels you might want to wear with your dress.

– MAKE AN APPOINTMENT! Dropping into a salon is not a good idea, especially on weekends which are salons most busy time. An appointment will ensure that you will be seen and given the time needed to make your choice.

– Shop around and compare prices. Visit a few salons before making a final decision on a gown.

– Before you put down a deposit, make sure you understand their return polices, terms, guarantees, and refund policies