Celestial/Moon Stars Theme Weddings



Moon & Stars, or Celestial, themes are becoming more popular. Below are some ideas on how to create this popular theme:

– Have your gown beaded on the bodice and part of the skirt with Swarovski crystals so you’ll get a “twinkling” effect when the light reflects off them
– Give your attendants star-shaped hairpins or jewelry to wear with their gowns
– Wear a tiara with star shapes/star pattern in it
– Wear a star-shaped necklace, earrings, etc.

– Rather than have a cake with round tiers, see if your baker can make them star shaped instead!
– Find or have a special celestial/moon & stars cake topper made
– Decorate the cake table with shimmery tulle and white twinkle lights

– Make your own candle centerpieces by buying different sized plain pillar candles. Group them together on a mirror tile, placing shimmery tulle around the grouping. Push small star-shaped thumbtacks/studs into the candles. Add “gems” (flat colored marbles), metallic confetti or those metallic garlands of stars matching your color theme around the tulle.
– Buy terra cotta clay pots and paint them to match your colors; paint stars and moons on them. Fill with fresh or silk flowers, and add shooting star picks in them.
– Fill a bowl with water and add a couple drops of blue food coloring and place 3 or 4 silver star shaped floating candles in the center. Place entire bowl on a mirrored tile, which will help reflect the light from the candles. If you want, decorate the tile using shimmery tulle or metallic confetti.

Here are some suggestions on wedding colors:
– Silver
– Navy Blue
– “Midnight” Blue (a very dark blue)

– Star shaped cookie cutters
– Buy star shaped candy dishes (check your local dollar store!) and fill with chocolates, candy, etc. (You can also extended the theme by making your own star shaped chocolates!). Wrap in shimmery tulle, and tie off with curling ribbons to match your colors.
– Candles that are either star shaped, or candle holders that are star shaped
– Wrap taper candles with the metallic star garlands; tie ends in a bow
– Splits of wine, decorated with a homemade label features moons and stars
– Magnets in the shapes of stars and moons
– Star shaped tea lights; wrap 2 or 3 in tulle and decorate with curling ribbons

– Any type of flowers will do, but using white flowers will enhance the “Celestial” theme. Have your florist add star and moon picks to your bouquet, or use silver (or whatever color you use) streamers to dangle from your bouquet.

– Outside in the evening (when the stars come out!)
– Your local planetarium

– Use lots of the white, shimmery tulle with white twinkle lights.
– Sprinkle metallic star and moon confetti on the tables
– Use a dark color tablecloth (midnight blue) and sprinkle confetti all over the table. Then place a layer of silver or shimmery white tulle on top of the tablecloth.
– Make star shaped placecards
– Name each table after a star or constellation; write the name on a large star cutout. Easy to make!
– For the cake table, cover with a white tablecloth. Then decorate the table with confetti, and on the edges wrap dark blue tulle and white twinkle lights together. The dark blue tulle will give the twinkle lights a lovely “star” effect.

– Consider using an ice sculpture (possibly shaped as stars and a moon)
– Have your flower girls carry glitter wands with streamers
– Get (or make) a star shaped ring pillow for your ring bearer to carry down the aisle
– Make your own invitations using star shaped stamps and a computer. You can also stamp your own napkins too
– Buy (or make) a star shaped guest book
– Inflate star shaped balloons and let them float on top of the dance floor, with the curling ribbon hanging down
– Make a balloon arch for behind the head table. From the center of the arch, hang star cut outs (cover with tin foil, shiny tulle or irridescent wrapping paper) using curling ribbon. Make the stars fall at different lengths.