Country Western Theme Weddings



Country/Western themes are not only fun to create, but they also are not as expensive as other themes. This theme is normally a laid back, casual gathering. Below are some ideas on how to create a Country/Western Theme Wedding:

– Bride: Long or tea length white western styled dress with white cowboy boots if wedding is more formal, black jeans or a jean skirt for the bride if going casual. Wear flowers or a white cowboy hat with a veil in your hair.
– Groom: Black jeans (Wranglers or Levi’s), long sleeved white button down country style shirt, black cowboy hat, bolo/string tie and black cowboy boots. Additions to their outfit can include long black tux jackets, black leather or brown suede vests (depending on your wedding colors), large belt buckles instead of cumberbunds, tuxedo shirts instead of country style shirt, blue or gray jeans instead of black, rent a cowboy style tux, bandanas instead of hankerchiefs.
– Bridesmaids: Broomstick style skirts with lace tops, black jeans and nice top if casual wedding, cowboy hats and boots, simple country style dresses made from gingham or denim
– Groomsmen and Ring Bearer: Similar to the groom with subtle changes. For example, they might not wear cowboy hats whereas the groom does, etc. Ring Bearer could wear overalls.
– Flower Girl: Western style dress with fringe, white cowboy hat and boots.

– Tiered with basket-weave design on frosting
– Any kind or style or shape; decorate with fresh flowers

– Potted Plants
– Wildflowers in tin milk jugs
– Mason jars with yellow and white daisies and sunflowers; tie with ribbon
– Old cowboy hats with flowers or fruit (or both) coming out of them
– Jelly jars with small votives; tie a ribbon around the mouth of the jar and place fresh flower heads or ivy around the base
– Grapevine baskets filled with flowers
– Cowboy boot shaped mugs (check out dollar stores!) filled with peanuts
– Simple oil lamps; decorate around the base with flowers or ivy
– Baskets with fresh fruit; decorate around the base with ivy and small 3″ hay bales (can be purchased at any craft store). Decorate bales with raffia or colored ribbon.
– Place a small mason jar in the middle of the table; place a small candle votive inside. To decorate, place greenery or ivy around the base.

Here are some suggestions on wedding colors:
– White
– Black
– Turquoise
– Silver
– Brick Red
– Mauve
– Green
– Blue

– Flower seed packet (seeds such as daisies or sunflowers)
– Bandanas embroidered with the couples names and wedding date
– Small beeswax candles; decorate with small horseshoe charms and wrap in raffia
– Small cowboy hats filled with candy, almonds, etc. and wrapped in tulle
– Consider setting up a pinata for the kids
– Horseshoes tied with ribbon or raffia, or decorated with dried flowers
– Small cowbells to ring for the bride and groom to kiss

– Grapevines
– Daisies
– Wildflowers
– Sweet Peas
– Grapevine or Cornflower Wreaths
– Baby’s Breath
– Black-Eyed Susans
– Sunflowers

– At home
– Ranch
– Farm
– Church
– Garden
– Historical Site
– Local Park
– Ghost Town

– Outdoors BBQ with ribs, burgers, brisket, beans, coleslaw, cornbread, potato salad, salads, etc.
– Have a pig roast
– Serve soda and lemonade (and beer for the adults)
– Make homemade ice cream to serve with the cake

– Have Square and Line Dancing
– Fiddlers
– Guitars
– Country and Western Songs
– Have a soloist (or two) sing country love songs during the wedding ceremony

– Make daisy chains and string them up around the tables, inside the reception room or between trees if outside
– Cover tables with checkered tablecloths and matching napkins
– Use hay bales instead of chairs for seating
– Wagon wheels, milk jugs and fake ivy garland are great country items for decorating. Arrange in an empty corner with a haystack
– Sprinkle cowboy shaped confetti on the tables (hats, boots, etc.) – Wrap tulle and white twinkle lights around trees, beams in a barn ceiling or around pillars/poles in your reception hall
– Old washtubs
– Swags

– Arrive and leave reception in a horse-drawn carriage, covered wagon or on horseback.
– Offer hay rides during the reception

– Marry under a white arch decorated with wildflowers
– Have your photographer take some of the wedding pictures in sephia and black and white
– Honeymoon in Nashville or at a dude ranch
– Set up horseshoes and apple bobbing for your guests
– Have your flower girl drop daisies (or wildflowers) instead of rose petals while she’s walking down the aisle
– Tie the silverware on the tables with bandanas
– Make pew bows using dried flowers, horseshoes and raffia. Glue the dried flowers on the horseshoe (make sure the ends are pointing up!) and tie long lengths of raffia to the shoe.