Wedding Invitation Tips


Wedding Invitation Tips

Need help addressing inner envelopes? Below are some helpful tips to get you started! Please note that these directions will vary depending on what source you use.

* Invitations are normally mailed four (4) to six (6) weeks before the wedding date. If your wedding falls around a holiday, you may mail them up to eight (8) weeks prior to your wedding.

* It is *highly* recommended that you include a return address on each outer envelope. This way, undeliverable invitations will be returned to you.

* Double check the zip codes!
* In the United States:
* In Canada:

* Number the backs of the response cards and keep a master list. Sometimes guest will forget to write their names on the cards (yes, its true!). If the cards are numbered, you can compare the number on the back of the card to your master list and find out who the guest is!

* Order extra outer envelopes in case of addressing errors.

* Take a fully assembled invitation and have it weighed at the post office. This will help you know how much postage to use on the invitation.

* Don’t forget to include a stamp on the response card’s envelope, unless…..

* If you are inviting a guest outside of your country, there is no need to stamp the response card envelope. The guest will need to use a stamp from their own country.

* For overseas invitations:
* Don’t forget to write ” <—insert guest’s country’s name here—> “ under the address on the outside envelope!
* Don’t forget to write ” <—insert your country’s name here—> “ under the address on the response envelope!

* Children over 16 years of age always receive their own invitation.

* Consider making an “A” and “B” guest list. People on the “A” list are people who you absolutely want at your wedding and the “B” list is people who you would like to have at your wedding if there’s room. Send out all the invitations for the “A” list early, then when you start getting “No’s or Regrets”, you can start sending out invites for people on the “B” list.

* Order extra invitations; you may need them for last minute additions to the guest list and a couple for keepsakes.