Addressing Inner Envelopes


Addressing Inner Envelopes

Need help addressing inner envelopes? Below are some helpful tips to get you started! Please note that these directions will vary depending on what source you use.

  • There are two ways you can address the inner envelope:
      Exclude first name:

      • Mr. and Mrs. Franklin
      • Mr. Jefferson
      • Ms. Nightingale
    • MODERN
      Use first name or familiar title:

      • Ben and Debbie Franklin
      • Uncle Tommy
      • Flo
  • If children are invited to the festivities:
      Exclude first names of parents, list childrens name below parents names:

      • Mr. and Mrs. Franklin
        William and Sarah
      • Mr. and Mrs. Washington
        Fred, Mary and Michael
      • Mr. and Mrs. Flintstone
    • MODERN
      Use first names of parents or their familiar titles, can use “and family” or list out children’s names:

      • Uncle Ben, Aunt Debbie and family
      • George and Martha
        Fred, Mary and Mike
      • Fred, Wilma and Pebbles
  • If extending an invitation to a single person and their unknown escort:
      Exclude first names of invitee followed by “and Guest”:

      • Ms. Nightingale and Guest
      • Mr. Jefferson and Guest
    • MODERN
      Use first names/familiar title of invitee followed by “and Guest”:

      • Aunt Flo and Guest
      • Tom and Guest
  • Do not include children’s names if it is an adults-only celebration.
  • Children over 16 years of age should receive their own invitation.