Classy Glass


Classy Glass

Classy Glass is a unique centerpiece option! Extremely customizeable to suit your wedding while being extremely easy to make!

Look for items that will fit into your container. Be creative and have some fun with this craft! You can use almost anything that can be put into water. Check with your reception venue prior to lighting the candles; some venues will not allow open flames. One nice thing about this centerpiece is that even if you can’t light the candle, it can still be displayed beautifully! Your guests will definitely talk about this centerpiece!


  • Glass Cylinder
  • Water (if using fresh items, such as vegetables, fruit, or flowers, distilled water is best)
  • Floating Candle
  • Display Items of your choice
  • Optional Items: Raffia, Ribbons, Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks, E6000 Adhesive


  1. Start with a clean cylinder. When selecting your decorative fillings, be sure to consider which items float. Things that float are great, but if the items are made of Styrofoam, they may not allow themselves to be easily submerged. For pieces that surface or bob to the top, it may be necessary to weight them down or wedge a heavier item on top. On the other hand, if you have heavy items and want them suspended, attach a length of nylon filament to them by typing or gluing. Bring the other end of the fillament up over the side and glue to the outside of the cylinder approximately 2″ down. You can cover the glue later by covering it with ribbon.
  2. Use long handled tongs, a knitting needle or a skewer to move items around in the water. The idea is to see as much of your display as possible. Tying raffia or accent ribbon around your cylinder is really up to your personal taste. Some arrangements look great without any added decoration. Remember when making your display there is no right or wrong way!

Faux pearl strands (iridescent or colored), silk flowers (individual or small groupings), silk greenery, artificial grapes, plastic ornaments, sea shells, colored rocks, plastic garland, plastic eggs, seasonal ornaments, marbles, golf balls, golf tees, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, fresh flowers, and anything else you can think of!


  • Use one or a grouping of heights of cylinders that best fit your needs and appeals to your eye.
  • Metal items may rust if left in the water for several days.
  • If using fresh items, refridgerate when not in use.

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