My Wedding Dress Search


My Wedding Dress Search

It was a hot and humid Saturday afternoon, not unlike most August days in the suburbs of Washington D.C. The birds were singing their final songs before the September rains came to remind them that it was time to begin their long trip South for the winter.

My mother arrived and on the way to the bridal stores, we chatted about how my 4-year-old niece, and how she was upset because she didn’t get to come with us on this adventure today. Our spirits were up and we were ready for the daunting task that lay before us. In my hand was a list of four Bridal Shops that we were going to visit, and it was our hope that today, this lively August Saturday, would be the day that we would find the ever elusive wedding dress.

I was not quite sure what I was looking for, although I did have some ideas. I was really drawn to the dresses with the higher waist. I also didn’t want a dress that would come low enough to show any cleavage. The other thing I didn’t want was beading; I swore up and down that there would be no glittery stuff on my dress. With these things in mind, I was all set to find my dress.

Our first stop was a bridal shop that friends had recommended. We pulled into the parking lot, and got out of the car, secure in our mission, and ready to take on whatever we would face in the shop. Our tour guide wasted no time getting started. After signing the necessary forms, she began choosing dress after dress and placing them in the room that would be my staging area. She provided me with a crinoline then we were set.

We began the long parade of dresses for my Mother. There were sheath dresses, detachable trains, ivory dresses, and beading as far as the eye could see. Most were looked at and sent away by my Mother and I, not to be seen again.

Then it happened. The shop assistant took the second to last dress out of the bag and helped me into it. She clipped it back, because it was too big, and I looked into the mirror. It wasn’t a dress I would have picked (it had a lower neckline and some beading and glittery stuff), it wasn’t a dress I had ever thought of, but when I looked into the mirror I knew that it was the one. When we walked out to show my Mother, the look on her face confirmed what I already knew. Our mission had been successful – we found my dress. The shop assistant chose a veil, and small wrist length gloves, and that only further convinced us that this was THE Dress.

In the time since this adventure, I have thought long and hard about my dress, and I am both relieved and happy with my choice. The day was successful, and now I can focus my attention to other matters (like Bridesmaids Dresses!)

Kathy and her fiance Jeff were married on April 15, 2000 in Alexandria, Virginia.