Honeymoon Registry


Honeymoon Registry

When Alexa and Don Mercer got married, they didn’t bother registering with the traditional registries. “We’d lived together for two years and had already bought the housekeeping stuff we needed,” explains Alexa. Instead, the Mercers registered with HoneyLuna, the Honeymoon Registry Service, and became part of a growing trend of couples seeking non-traditional wedding gifts. Nearly 80 percent of the guests at the Mercers’ wedding gave gifts from the couple’s honeymoon registry.

Most couples don’t need or want toasters. A honeymoon registry allows you to register the items and activities of your destination so that friends and family can purchase “pieces” of your honeymoon as wedding gifts.

“Parts of our honeymoon included staying at a fifteenth century farmhouse outside Avignon, France, and having a biking picnic through Provence with castles tours along the way.”

By registering with HoneyLuna, Alexa says their honeymoon “became a trip of a lifetime. Our friends and family loved that they were able to participate in our dream honeymoon.”

When you look for a honeymoon registry service, it is important to find one not only that you are comfortable with, but one that your wedding guests will feel comfortable with. They need to have a positive experience with the honeymoon registry too.

When researching your honeymoon registry, be sure to ask:
* How long have you been in business?
* Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?
* Is the money in my registry account secure? How??
* Can I make all of my arrangements, including travel, with you (i.e. “one stop shopping”) or,
* Do I have to use you for our travel?
* Is your website secure? How?
* What is your privacy policy?
* Do you have an 800# in case my friends in family don’t use the internet?
* Can you provide me with references to substantiate your service?

Your honeymoon should be the highlight of your wedding experience. Honeymoon registries should help enhance that experience by not only helping get it paid for, but also helping put your mind at ease that your honeymoon is in the hand of capable, competent experts.


For more information on Honeymoon Registries, please contact:
Nancy Bombace, CEO
HoneyLuna, The Honeymoon Registry Service