Bedded Bliss


Bedded Bliss

Alexandria, VA – While sleep may not be the first thing on newlyweds minds when they think of their honeymoon night, too many couples come together in marriage only to find out they are not as comfortable in bed as they thought they would be, according to the Better Sleep Council.

“No matter how much you have in common, comfort is a very personal perception,” said Andrea Herman, Director of the Better Sleep Council. “You both deserve the best night’s sleep possible, but if you didn’t pick out the mattress together, there’s a good chance only one of you will be comfortable in bed.”

When a man or woman brings a mattress into the relationship, there is a good chance that one sleeps soundly while the other sleeps less comfortably than they should. To ensure that nights spent in wedded union are blissful, couples may want to try out new mattresses by taking a “rest test” together, visiting mattress retailers, and comparing the comfort and support of new sleep sets with their old sleep set at home. A mattress that meets both partners needs for size, comfort and support will make comfortable sleep a reality for both.

The Better Sleep Council recommends the following six shopping “musts” for a mattress:


  • Support. Just as you support your partner, a quality mattress and foundation should gently support both of you at all points on your body. Your sleep set should keep your spine in the same position as good standing posture. 
  • Comfort. You and your partner should always feel comfortable and at ease with each other. So when selecting a sleep set, be sure to choose one that feels the most comfortable for both of you. 
  • Durability and Warranty. Similar to marriage, you expect your mattress to last a long time. Because the warranty doesn’t tell you how long to keep your sleep set, be sure to reevaluate your mattress and foundation twice a year to ensure it is still providing optimum comfort and support. 
  • Space. Even the happiest couples need their space from time to time, so be sure to select a mattress that gives both you and your partner enough room for easy, free movement during the night. Couples should sleep on a queen or king-size mattress. 
  • Matching Sleep Sets. Just as you and your partner work well together, so too do matching mattresses and foundations. Matching sleep sets are designed to work together while mismatched sets can impede comfort and reduce the useful life of your mattress. 
  • Value. Shopping for the best value, not the lowest price, is a healthy investment in your quality of life. So be sure to buy only quality products with all new materials.


For more information on getting a good night’s sleep, visit the Better Sleep Council’s Web site at