Brides Entrance Selections


The Processional music has completed. A subtle change in music starts and the crowd looks back to see the Bride make her Grand Entrance. This is the moment that she’s been waiting for, and this is the first glimse that the guests – and often the groom – gets to see the Bride in all her glory.

Music that is played during the Bride’s Entrance, like the Processional, is also majestic and joyous, signifying the beginning of the wedding ceremony and the bride’s walk down the aisle.

Don’t forget – you may need to check with the appropriate people about the selections you have chosen, as many houses of worship place restrictions on what type of music may be played.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to listen to these selections, you will need to download Real Player.

Bridal Chorus Richard Wagner
Coronation March William Watson
Trumpet Voluntary
(The Prince of Denmark’s March)
Jeremiah Clarke