Balloon Elegance


Balloon Elegance

In addition to using this balloon arrangement for table centerpieces, you can also use it for decorations throughout your reception room. Customize this craft by using balloons in your wedding colors, and changing the color of the bag and leaves that you use. By changing the colors, you can create a unique centerpiece for each table!

This craft is courtesy of Party & Paper and is used by permission. They retain all rights; copyrights to all contents, directions, and images are the property of Party & Paper .



  • 12 5″ White Pearlized Balloons
  • 6 White Heart Shaped Balloons, 11″
  • 1 Gold Bag
  • 8 16″ Balloon Sticks and Cups
  • 4 Gold Foil Paper
  • 10 Pieces of 18 Gauge Floral Wire
  • 1 Roll Tulle
  • Styrofoamr Blocks
  • Gold Honey-Comb Ribbon
  • Gold Ting-Ting
  • White Corsage Pins
  • 1/2″ Wide Clear Tape
  • Helium
  • Hi-Float



  1. Fill bag to top with foam blocks.
  2. Inflate the 5″ balloons to 3″ and tie and attach to the cups and sticks.
  3. Cut 16 one foot lengths of tulle and use to tie a bow on each side of the cups.
  4. Insert the first balloons into the center of the foam blocks using a 16″ stick. (Reduce the stick length of the remaining balloons as necessary to achieve the distribution of balloons as shown in the picture.)
  5. To make the gold leaves, cut gold foil in the shape of a leaf (about 7″ long). Using 1/2″ clear tape, attach a piece of 18 gauge floral wire to the back of the leaf for strength. Insert leaves in a “sunburst” pattern around the center balloons. Insert ting-ting into foam block. Distribute between balloons as desired. Make two gold honey-comb bows and insert one bow in front and one in back of the arrangement. Cover any exposed foam blocks with white tulle and foil paper and fasten with corsage pins. Use Hi-Float to thinly coat the inside of up to six uninflated heart-shaped balloons.
  6. Fill 11″ heart shaped balloon with helium.
  7. Tie white tulle at the neck of the balloon, leaving approximately a two foot tail.
  8. Attach a weight (such as a metal washer) to the end of tail and drop into arrangement.


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