Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Flower Meanings

Over 500 Flowers, Nuts and Herb Meanings

Did you know that flowers have meanings associated with them?

In ancient times, it was believed that strong smelling herbs and spices would ward off evil spirits and bad luck, as well as ill health. Thus brides started carrying flowers and strong smelling herbs and spices, such as garlic and chives.

During Roman times, the bride and groom extended this tradition by wearing floral garlands on their heads to signify hope for fertility. At this time, the wedding bouquet symbolized a woman in bloom. In Victorian times, the tradition was further extended. Couples in love would send messages to each other using different flowers; each flower had its own special meaning. These meanings are still used by many brides today.

Because there are over 500 flower meanings on our list, we have divided it into smaller, easier to navigate sections. Check through the list and see what your bouquet means!