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Let the Today's Weddings Thank You Card Generator do the job of writing thank you cards for you! Simply fill in the following form, press the button and Viola! your thank you card will be finished. You can then simply print the page so you can write out your thank you's at a later date.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need a java-enabled browser to use this thank-you card generator, or a 3.0+ browser or better. If the generator doesn't work for you, please upgrade your browser.

Also, the thank you note is written in the plural form (us, we, etc) If you wish to write notes just from yourself, simply change everything to the singular form (I, me, etc) before writing the actual thank you.

Today's Date:

Name of the person who you received gift from:

A word that describes the gift:
(attractive, charming, More Examples)

What gift did you receive?:
picture frame, linens, etc.

How did you feel about the gift?:
overjoyed, thrilled, More Examples)

Their (??) made you feel this way:
generosity, kindness, More Examples)

Write a short sentence on what
you plan on doing with the gift:

We plan on using the beautiful crystal
vase in our formal dining room.
(More Examples)

Write a one or two line closing sentence:
Again, thank you for your kindness. (More Examples)

Your Friend, Love, (More Examples)

Your Names:
Example: Rick and Shelly

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