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Today's Weddings - Assembling Wedding Invitations
Assembling Wedding Invitations
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Wedding Invitation

You've ordered your invitations, addressed them, but how in the world do you put them together?

Assembling wedding invitations is often one of the most-asked questions brides have about invitations. Take the mystery out of assembling your wedding invitations by following these easy steps:

ASSEMBLING the invitation
* Place piece of tissue paper over the printed wording.
* Place reception card on top of the tissue paper, printed side face up.
* Place other enclosures (response card with envelope, map, etc.) on top of the reception card, printed side face up.

INSERTING into the envelopes
* Your invitation, with all the enclosure cards properly inserted, is placed into the inner envelope. If your invitation is folded, the folded edge goes into the inner envelope first so that the printed wording is facing the back of the envelope. If your invitation is non-folding, place in envelope so that the wording is placed so that the printed wording is facing the back of the envelope.
* The unsealed inner envelope is placed into the outer envelope, with the front of the inner envelope facing the back of the outer envelope.
* After sealing the outer envelope, your wedding invitation is now ready for mailing!

* If the printed wording is on the inside of a single fold invitation, the enclosure cards should be placed inside.
* If your invitation is non-folding, or is folded once with the printed wording on the front, the enclosure cards ae placed in front of the invitation.
* If your invitation is a trifold, french fold or accordion (or "Z") fold, the enclosure cards are placed inside the second fold.

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