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Today's Weddings - Addressing Outer Envelopes
Addressing Outer Envelopes
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Need help addressing outer envelopes? Below are some helpful tips to get you started! Please note that these directions will vary depending on what source you use.

  • Use full names and titles (Mr. Mrs. Ms. Miss).
    • Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Franklin
    • Mr. Thomas Jefferson
    • Ms. Florence Nightingale

  • Use professional titles, if applicable.
    • The Honorable and Mrs. Benjamin Franklin
    • President Thomas Jefferson

  • If inviting a married couple with different last names, you can put both names on one line or on two lines (depending on how much room is available).
    • Mr. David Arquette and Mrs. Courtney Cox
    • Mr. Humphrey Bogart
      Mrs. Lauren Bacall

  • If inviting an unmarried couple living together, put names in alphabetical order by last name (the man's name does not automatically go first).
    • Ms. Jennifer Aniston
      Mr. Bradley Pitt

  • Spell out all names; do not use initials.

  • Do not use symbols; spell out the word "and".

  • Spell out all names; do not use initials.

  • "and family" is not appropriate for the outer envelope.

  • Use figures only when writing zip codes and house numbers; spell out street names:
    • 123 North Second Avenue
      St. Paul, Minnesota 55110

  • Write out the words "Street", "Avenue", "Boulevard", "Lane", etc.

  • Spell out all city names, such as "Saint Paul" instead of St. Paul.

  • Spell out all state names.

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